Our Story

Swim schools exist all over the world. When we moved to Mount Pleasant five years ago with our one year old son, we were hoping to find a swim school where he could learn and grow into a competent, confident swimmer. From this hope, Brighton Swim Academy was born. We have spent the past two years researching, learning and listening to industry leaders, local parents and friends with the goal of designing a swim school to meet the needs of the many people we hope to teach. We look forward to meeting and swimming with you when our doors open this winter!

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Lance Ogren

Lance is a Swim Smooth® Certified Coach. He has studied extensively with Swim Smooth co-founders Paul Newsome and Adam Young in Loughborough, England and in Perth, Australia and believes whole heartedly in their method of teaching swimming. Lance provides video analysis, stroke correction and fundamentals of swimming based on the Swim Smooth® method. He has traveled the country performing camps and clinics in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida, DC and South Carolina.

Lance is a US Masters Certified Level 4 Coach (1 of 22 in the USA) and is currently the Head Coach of the Palmetto Masters Swim Team in Mount Pleasant, SC. Lance’s passion lies in open water swimming. He has completed the following events:

o  Successful crossing of the English Channel (2009)
o  Completed the Swim around Manhattan Island (2009 & 2010)
o  World Record Holder for the 17.5 mile Ederle Swim (2011)
o  68th person to complete the Open Water Triple Crown (2013)
o  Successful crossing of the Catalina Channel (2013)


Carlie Ogren

Carlie began teaching children to swim at age 16 in northern California. Throughout high school and college, she taught swim lessons and lifeguarded. When her first full-time job in New York City didn't cover the rent, she sought out a part-time Masters swim coaching job which ultimately led her to coaching Lance Ogren, and marrying him. 

She started her career in New York City in sports marketing working for both Nike and Nautica. She travelled the country doing sponsorship activation for professional sports events including golf, tennis, triathlon and sailing. She coached (and swam) Masters swimming in New York City for nine years and is a US Masters Certified Level 2 Coach. Her passion lies in watching her two children learn to swim. When she's not working on Brighton, you'll find her in the pool with Hudson and Gigi.