Use It, Don't Lose It

As the end of summer draws near, you may have witnessed massive strides in your child’s swimming ability and comfort level in the water. There is nothing better than watching your child learn a new skill and love it! The transition to fall brings on new sports and we see many children trade in their goggles for shin guards and cleats. This is all well and fine, but we encourage you to not step away from swimming too long.

When your child is learning anything new, consistency and repetition equals proficiency. We have watched our two young children practice the alphabet for years on end! They didn’t practice the alphabet for 3 months and then take 9 months off. That would be silly. This fall, we encourage you to look at swimming in a different way. Swimming is a year-round sport. Swimming is a necessary life skill. When learning any necessary life skill whether it be learning to read or learning to swim, consistency is the key to success. We want to help your child continue to build upon all the awesome swim skills he or she mastered this summer.

Happy back to school fishies!!

Carlie Ogren